Crypt TV / Mira Mira

A Facebook Watch Original Series / Mira Mira / Season 1

An evil force waits to take advantage of the deepening divide between two sisters who have split reactions after their father’s mysterious death. Watch the Pilot Episode below.

Starring: Madeleine Coghlan, Catherine Davis, Christinna Chauncey

Director:  Roxy Shih

Writer: Danielle McKechnie

Director of Photography: Allen Ho

Executive Producers: Jack Davis, Kate Krantz, Darren Brandl

Co-Executive Producers: Jeremy Elliott, Jasmine Johnson

Producer: Scott E. Chester

Production Supervisor: Anthony Mugnolo

Location: Herber City, UT

Crypt TV Monster Universe / Mira Mira / Pilot Episode

A young man takes his girlfriend for a date night in the city, but when her vanity consumes her, she becomes absorbed by the mirror.

Starring: Lily Delamere, Cory Walls, Joy Goodman

Director/Producer: Ivan Sunguroff

Director of Photography: Derek Bauer

Producer: Drew Bierut

Developed By: Dane Eckerle

Supervising Producer: Jeremy Elliott

Production Supervisor: Anthony Mugnolo

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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