Crypt TV / The Girl In The Woods

Crypt TV Monster Universe / The Girl In The Woods / Part 2

It took her arm, but it won’t take her life. She opened the Door in the Woods…now she’s the only one who can close it. Watch Part 1 below.

Starring: Peyton List, Kal Penn, Carrisa Bazler, Lize Johnston, Eric Prochnau

Director: Roxine Helberg

Writers: David Calbert & Van Nguyen

Director of Photography: Antonio Cisneros

Executive Producers: Jack Davis, Kate Krantz, Darren Brandl, Cameron Fuller

Co-Executive Producer: Michael Cruz

Developed By: Jasmine Johnson

Supervising Producers: Anthony Mugnolo & Jared Parsons

Line Producer: Cherelle George   

Location:  Sable Ranch, Santa Clarita, CA

Crypt TV Monster Universe / The Door In The Woods / Pilot Episode

Children of a rural cult family find a door in the woods that has been carefully protected for many years. How is it opened and what is locked within?

Starring: Eric Prochnau, Carissa Bazler, Roman Dean George, Cameron Keller,

Writer/Director: Joey Greene

Director of Photography: Paul Houston

Producer: Joe Harkenrider

Developed By: Jasmine Johnson

Supervising Producer: Mary Bonney

Production Supervisor: Anthony Mugnolo

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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